Brim 2727 Aluminium 2500mm Channel

Price Excluding Vat @ 23%

*Price per 2500mm section


The BRIM 2727 proifle is designed to be applied to the outer corner of a 90deg change in wall direction

The luminous surface provided on the polycarbonate cover is only 8mm wide for a very slim

contemporarty light effect produced after final plastering is complete over the side wings

LED Strips with a maximum width of 5mm to be only used inside the profile

The profile comes supplied standard with PC cover and 2x PC end caps


  • Material AL6063-T5
  • Surface Processing: Anodizing
  • Diffuser: Opal Polycarbonate
  • Light Transmittance: >55%
  • Heat Dissipation: Max 9.6W/m
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